Abundant Life School of Discovery, Inc.

School Policy

The home shall fully support the school in the implementation of the total school program, curricular and co-curricular towards the proper, physical, social, intellectual and moral development of the child.

  1. Parent/ guardian have duty and rights to keep  track of their son/daughter’s progress in school.  It is important that parents must supervise their son/daughter’s duties at home.
  2.  Parent/Guardian must provide for their children a conducive place to study.  Children must show to their parents their homework, seatwork, quizzes and projects done in school.
  3.  Meeting between parent/guardian and teachers are held to inform parents of the school policy, educational program rules, and regulations intended to enhance the life in school as he relates and interacts with the number of school community.
  4.  Three times during the school year, meeting between parent/guardian and teachers is held to inform the parents/guardian of their son/daughter’s performance in school.  Report card/ grade slip will be issued to parents which contain a complete record of student’s progress.  If report card was issued, it will be signed by the parent/guardian and must be returned to the teacher adviser after three days of issuance.
  5.  Children are required to bring their prescribe textbooks and other materials necessary in the performance of the lesson.