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Leah asks your what kind of portrait she would be to decorate

Leah asks your what kind of portrait she would be to decorate

14 Hearts

  • Vintage nation portrait(No effect on friendship.)
  • Colorful, retro pop-art(No affect relationship.)
  • Conservative progressive(No impact on friendship.)

Leah explains their paint, which is additional according to and therefore option your picked. (Kept so you can best: “Classic nation portrait”, “Colorful, retro pop music-art”, “Conservative modern”)

Leah says to Marnie that she will keep both drawings, however, Marnie says that you should keep your basic decorate – and simply requires Leah’s.

The brand new succession stops, and you also currently have My personal Basic Color on your own list. Leah’s paint will also come in Marnie’s rooms.


Just after hitched, Leah usually move into the fresh farmhouse. Like other marriage individuals, she’s going to incorporate her own area off to the right of bed room. She’ll also create a tiny town trailing the fresh new farmhouse in which she’s going to either head to work with a statue.

On the rainy days, Leah can offer you something special she located when you find yourself “mushroom-hunting”: Chanterelle, Well-known Mushroom, Red-colored Mushroom, or Morel. To the mornings when Leah remains indoors all day long, she may offer you Java or a gift mature into the “a tiny container aside straight back”: Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Dandelion, Cactus Fruits, Fiddlehead Fern, Spice Berry, otherwise Sweet pea. She may give you a green salad to the weeks when she remains indoors day long. Toward The latest Years’ Eve (Cold temperatures twenty eight), she’ll leave you a bottle of wine.


I really don’t build art for money. It’s simply an urge that we provides. Agriculture appears to be an incredibly rewarding field. You reach do delicious dining for everyone! You are probably hectic dominican cupid. Sorry.”

Partway courtesy Chapter 1, it is possible to earn your first pal from inside the Makoto Tsukumo, and you can a whole bunch of almost every other possible relatives tend to populate the latest map, with more on the way as you proceed through the storyline. You’re going to have to relate with these types of members of the family and help with their difficulties. Because you help them, a great meter towards the top of this new monitor commonly refill, and every possible Pal gets their meter. When it fills to help you limit, you have completed the “relationship quests”.

Family unit members was ond starts into the chart a little faded, and you can becomes solid after you finish the Friendship. In addition to, since you approach Family members, you will notice deal with icons over the heads. A gray face implies an alternate possible Friend you have not satisfied. An eco-friendly deal with implies that you began the brand new Friendship, and a purple laugh reveals that you completed the newest Relationship.

  1. The Profile on town increases by one. Profile is essential for finding specific Side Cases.
  2. Possible always get some brand of award immediately to possess completing brand new Relationship.
  3. From time to time for folks who head to one to Friend, they’ll make you a product or service.
  4. Particular Loved ones wander the streets, and certainly will anticipate your since you approach him or her. Toward best knowledge unlocked, this can charges the new Old boyfriend Gauge.
  5. Specific Loved ones stay-in one place, assuming you have made on the a battle close you to definitely area, you can perform a specific Ex Action where might throw you something which you can use to overcome opposition.

If you want to browse the progress you’ve made which have Loved ones, go to the KamuroGo application, towards the “City” point, while the earliest entryway ‘s the “Friend Difficulties”. Strike Triangle thereon to access a summary of your Friends together with numerical improvements you have made with these people. The list of Loved ones below are ordered in identical acquisition because it appears on that screen.

#step 1 – Makoto Tsukumo

That it friend is generated instantly when you look at the Section step 1. You could potentially arrive at your all of the now and then and you will he’s going to make you a grain golf ball.

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